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Day Trailer
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Deck Size


Picking The Correct Trailer Is Important!

Size Matters!
Measure the item at the widest & longest points.
Then select a trailer that gives this much space plus
a few more inches to safely load and secure.

FYI: Most of Day Trailer's trailer numbers tell you
the trailer's actual deck size. The actual useable space.

First part of the number is the inside width in inches.
2nd part of the number is the deck length in feet.
Example: #9816TA
is 98" Inside Width
16' Long Deck.


Images Below (Tandem Axle Trailers) are to scale
versus each other 
to help give a visual reference.

7614TA a.jpeg
9816TA a.jpeg
18Tilt a.jpeg
20Tilt a.jpeg
20Deck a.jpeg
9620TA a.jpeg
9830TA a.jpeg

Weight Matters!
Know what the item You are hauling weighs!
Select a trailer that can safely carry the weight you are hauling.

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