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"Towable Light Tower / Generator"

2" Ball

Flat 4 Pin Connector


Day Trailer's towable lighting towers provide bright light and power to your jobsite.
Our diesel-fueled light tower's generator has rugged enclosures and off-road capability. You can set up and operate the tower easily.
This lighting tower's four powerful halide fixtures provide maximum illumination. Power up tools and electronics easily and work smarter.

  • 440,000 lumens. Enough To Light Up Huge Area.

  • Easy Set Up In 1 minute on extendable vertical mast up to 23'

  • Fuel-efficient diesel generator - 6K up to 50 amps

  • Runs Up To 90 Hours On Tank Of Fuel

  • 359-degree rotational mast for total illumination on-site

  • 120V and 240V convenient outlets for small equipment, hand tools and electronics

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